Workplace Stretching Reinvented

We’ve made workplace stretching incredibly simple!
And simple works. Discover How.

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Epic Stretch delivers an effective stretching program designed to stop workplace aches and pains in their tracks.

Finally, you can stretch right at your desk with an easy and convenient tool. Take a peek and see just how simple we’ve made it!

Stretching is a vital component to keeping your body healthy.  Yet, most of us can’t squeeze in extra time at the for a stretching routine. Now, you don’t have to carve out an extra 15 minutes from your day. If you’ve got 4 minutes at your desk, you can make stretching fit your lifestyle. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Watch a sample Daily Stretching Recess!

Did You Know…

Did You Know...

  • Most people make 3 SIMPLE MISTAKES while stretching that LEADS TO INJURY.
    Are you at risk?
    See what Dr. Mehaffey reveals about
    these 3 simple mistakes!