In the Workplace

The only way to make stretching a habit is to make it convenient and flexible enough to fit it in our daily routine.

How it works

All of your employees will have unlimited access to all of our stretching videos.  There are two main features to the program.  Pain Relief and Injury Prevention (from RSI).  To use for Pain Relief, you can search a complete library of 54 stretches by injury, body part or type of pain.  For example, if you wake up with a kink in your neck, simply search neck pain in the search tool bar within the library and you will see multiple stretches that will help.  Another option is to use for Injury Prevention.  When you log into Epic Stretch you will see a ‘Daily Stretching Recess’.  This is a 3-video compilation of stretches designed to provide overall stretching to prevent RSI and musculoskeletal injury.  It cycles through 120 different group stretching videos.

  • How does this fit into busy work schedules?
    • Stretch while on a conference call
    • Don’t have to leave desk to add stretching
    • It only takes about 3 minutes
  • Many employees are unable to leave desk due to job, like a customer service rep.  Now, there’s a great way to get them involved. It’s a non-productive time savings!

 Cost of Workman’s Comp Claims

  • See how on the job injuries are lessened with the right stretching program
    • If you can prevent just one carpal tunnel claim, you will save thousands.  Take a look at this:
      • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSD) are the fastest growing occupational hazard today
      • For carpal tunnel strains (CTS) claims, an employee averages 138 days of time loss
      • It costs approximately $35,000 per CTS claim (medical and indemnity)
      • CDC suggests ‘providing training to workers regarding workplace risk for Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD)’.  They recommend implementing training programs aimed at reducing workplace injuries.  Epic Stretch is the perfect fit.
  • Running the numbers:  If you had 200 employees and Epic Stretch prevented one carpal tunnel claim, you could save the company $28,500!
  • Stretching is a vital component to prevention!