In the Workplace

The only way to make stretching a habit is to make it convenient and flexible enough to fit it in our daily routine.

  • How does this fit into busy work schedules?
    • Stretch while on a conference call
    • Don’t have to leave desk to add stretching
    • It only takes about 3 minutes
  • Many employees are unable to leave desk due to job, like a customer service rep.  Now, there’s a great way to get them involved. It’s a non-productive time savings!

 Cost of Workman’s Comp Claims

  • See how on the job injuries are lessened with the right stretching program
    • If you can prevent just one carpal tunnel claim, you will save thousands.  Take a look at this:
      • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSD) are the fastest growing occupational hazard today
      • For carpal tunnel strains (CTS) claims, an employee averages 138 days of time loss
      • It costs approximately $35,000 per CTS claim (medical and indemnity)
      • CDC suggests ‘providing training to workers regarding workplace risk for Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD)’.  They recommend implementing training programs aimed at reducing workplace injuries.  Epic Stretch is the perfect fit.
  • Running the numbers:  If you had 200 employees and Epic Stretch prevented one carpal tunnel claim, you could save the company $28,500!
  • Stretching is a vital component to prevention!