How It Works

We set out to create a simple, yet effective, stretching program that anyone can to fit it in their busy schedule.  You won’t get bored with the same stretches every day; we mix it up to get your entire body moving and more limber.  Daily stretching can help enhance movement and function.  No matter where you are, you can gain access to the Epic Stretch HD videos.  It’s easy to watch on your computer at work or on a tablet.

Our program was designed with two features in mind.  First, as a quick stretch search engine.  Secondly, to support regular and consistent stretching.

I.   Single Stretch Videos:  Search our library of stretches to help work out those kinks.

Ever been in a meeting stuck in that uncomfortable chair? Wake up with a stiff neck?  Shoulders tense after a long day at the office? You can use the library to search for a certain area of the body, a health condition or even a specific stretch by name.  View a sample stretch from our library:


II.   Daily Stretching Recess Videos:  Our daily compilation to maintain overall stretching health.

Use our program to create a consistent stretching routine.  Follow along side our coaches as they guide you through your daily stretching recess.  Designed to help maintain overall flexibility, we’ve matched 3 stretches on different areas of the body to support total body movement.