Stay Warm This Winter

Stay WarmWhen the temperature drops, it can be difficult to keep our muscles warm while exercising or commuting outdoors. The effects of the cold can also carry indoors leaving you feeling sore or stiffer than usual. Try a few of these simple habits to help curb the wearing effects of winter, helping you to stay active and healthy!

Stretch! – Does the chill have you feeling tense? Stretching throughout the day can help! Warm up from the winter blues almost anywhere, anytime with some of your favorite subtle stretches or yoga routine. Doing so not only helps to relieve stress on the body, but can help to avoid injury. Be sure to focus on some of the most common areas of tension including the shoulders, neck and back.

Layer Up – Stay loose by wearing layers! The more you can protect yourself from the cold, the easier it will be to keep your muscles warm and functioning properly outdoors! Know when to take your exercise indoors if the elements become too harsh. Exposure to extreme cold can hinder performance and put you at risk for frostbite and other physical dangers.

Bring the Heat – Applying subtle heat to your muscles can be very soothing, and help to aid in recovery so that you can get back to your regular activities. Heat packs or hot baths are a great solution to warming and relaxing your muscles throughout the winter. Don’t forget your extremities! Keep hand warmers in reach to avoid stiffness in your fingers or toes.

Keep Moving! – If you are brave venture into the cold, be sure to keep your body and muscles moving as much as possible. Standing still, especially in frigid conditions can quickly lead to stiffness and make it difficult to fulfill your intended activity.

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