Stretching for Strength

Untitled 4Despite its somewhat low intensity, stretching actually has fantastic benefits associated with building physical strength. By skipping out on stretching post-workout you may be putting yourself at risk for soreness and injury, an ultimate inhibitor to physical progress. By improving range of motion and decreasing muscle soreness, stretching is a vital source for quality exercise performance and overall health. With this in mind, here are three top ways stretching contributes to strength and proper fitness.

1. Stretching, especially after physical activity actually helps to lengthen muscle tissue and increases flexibility. With this, you may also find improved range of motion necessary to carrying out strength building exercises. Doing so can also help to improve the effectiveness of exercise in this way.

2. Stretching also helps to stimulate blood flow post workout, which aids in avoiding lactic acid build up – an occurrence that leads to muscle soreness. By saving time to stretch, you can actively help your body to recover.

3. Preventing muscles soreness can similarly help to improve your endurance over time. By decreasing your time for recovery, you can quickly continue a fitness regimen. In this way, it becomes easier to to increase your exercise frequency or duration, both positive elements in improving strength.

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