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Fresh not Stressed

Tips-For-A-Stress-Free-Work-Environment-1-size-2We can’t prevent stress at work. What we can do is to maintain a specific level of anxiety as much as possible. A normal anxiety level can be helpful in different ways. It slightly increases our respiration which can be helpful in taking in more oxygen to our brain. It makes us alert and very responsive. Anxiety about an upcoming deadline can make us work harder and be keen to details.

How do we maintain a normal level of anxiety whenever we face something new, a bit difficult task or a deadline? Slow and deep breathing is very helpful. If you are having a hard time controlling your breathing pattern, stop whatever you are doing and just close your eyes to focus.

Do this even for a minute and you will immediately feel relaxed. Another thing that we can do is to keep a to-do list. Having our own to-do list can help us prioritize and keep track of our work progress. It’s an OC kind of way which is a good thing. Having a bit of this attitude at work is beneficial. There is no denying that cramming is stressing and can eventually lead you to losing your job. There is another way to maintain a normal level anxiety or totally relieve stress at work. Get enough sleep. As we get old our duration of sleep changes. An adult must have a minimum of 6 hours sleep and a maximum of 8-10 hours. Take note that prolonged sleep can also mean a person could have an underlying health problem. If we get enough sleep, chances of a happy day is high. We will be able to respond positively to almost anything in our day’s work and we will accept every task as a challenge rather than a burden.

So remember! Breathe, list and sleep!