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Stick Down / Squat Twists / Chair Leans Watch Now


Join us in the Daily Stretch Recess. This video covers Stick Down, Squat Twists & Chair Leans. Stretch your chest, quadriceps, and shoulders with today’s DSR. You won’t even need to kick off your heels for this one!

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Calf-Straight Leg Stretch Watch Now


Join Megan as she guides you through the Calf-Straight Leg stretch. This stretch is perfect for those who wear heels. Our calf muscle is responsible for movements like pointing your toes. When you wear heels on a regular basis it can cause the muscle to become shorten. This is the perfect stretch to help lengthen out that muscle again.

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Bruggers Stretch Watch Now


Join Lea as she guides you through Bruggers stretch. This stretch is ideal for anyone working behind a desk. As we sit/stand at a workstation, it’s natural for our shoulders to round forwards as our muscles slowly start to fatigue and get tired. Bruggers is great for helping to return your posture back to normal.

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Rotated Neck Stretch Watch Now


Join Sam as he guides you through the Rotated Neck stretch. This stretch is great at reducing the neck and shoulder tension. Many people who work behind a computer will experience tightness and knots across the tops of their shoulders. The Rotated Neck stretch is perfect for elongating those tight and tense areas.

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Shoulder Rolls Stretch Watch Now


Join Sam as he guides you through the Shoulder Rolls stretch. Working behind a computer can cause tension in the shoulders and upper back area. Performing this stretch can help alleviate the tension and tightness across the shoulders and chest. This will also help with posture.

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